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An Exciting Experience

The music was playing on the radio. A few magazines were around me. That tedious morning was my only company. No amusement, no problem in my life, just my loneliness.

I heard a voice. Yes, the radio announcer was saying something about a caravan of people who enjoy being present at the recording of the last chapter of a soap-opera... 'what?! The soap-opera called "Que Rei Sou Eu?" - where?! how?!'
In a minute I was ready to go over there.

When I reached that place, all I could do was stand in a long line, sign my name three times in a paper and wait a few minutes until I got on a bus parked over the street. I coudn't understand anything... where was I going to? And to do what??
Well, at least I might have fun then.

The bus took all that people and me to a large place. Perhaps it was a forest, I'd say.

Quickly, people who were working on the production of that event arranged all of us in a few lines. This time to choose some clothes to - please, guess if you're able to - dress like a plebeian!!
A long skirt with some cloths around the waist, a blouse showing the shoulders and a little ribbon on the hair... Right! That was how I was dressed.

Next, we went to another place beside the other one that we were first. It was when I saw a castle... The castle of my fantasies! I had never seen one like that before. Big, high and medieval... with a lake around it and a strong and large bridge in front.
Many old medieval houses spread near the castle too. On the ground, little stones covered the streets and old and tall trees decorated the place.
At the centre of the village, a guillotine stood out at the top of the stairs, looking like a small square. In short, a marvelous scenario; the city of Avilan!!

1.500 people dressed like plebeian waited anxiously for the moment of being in action. A magic atmosphere seemed to be present there. Suddenly, at the top of the castle, the actor Edson Celulari and the actress Guilia Gam showed up as the prince Jean Pierre and his girlfriend.
Many other stars were by the castle, too. Sumptuous dresses were shown by them all.
Ladies'umbrellas full of lace, funny wigs and wonderful hats. What more?
A smile on the lips of them all causing a sensation of being far from our world.

From about 1:20pm until the first minutes of the next day, I could say I felt the emotion of living the fantasy of being a few centuries ago around a castle and its kingdom.
One of my childhood dreams came true. It was really an exciting experience to me!

Ana Martins

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  1. Acredito que tenha sido uma experiência inequecível, recordo-me desta novela, adorava a música de abertura, estava na segunda série, quando esta obra foi televisionada.